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Organic Club Bar

Address: Moscow, 34 Spiridonovka, bld. 1, -1 floor. Area: 115.07 sq. m Status: Completed in 2020. Concept: Flagman M2 Organic Club/Ecobar

The Project Team: Kristina Golynskaya, Svetlana Bazarova

U.S.PRO’s scope of work: design project, working out of outline drawings of designer furniture and decor, selection of furniture and equipment, selection of lighting, designer supervision, architectural solutions, power supply equipment and electric lighting, ventilation and conditioning.

he M2 Organic Club’s exclusive design recreates the atmosphere of a garden home ‘turned inside out’. The design, stylish finishing and functionality have been integrated into the organic concept. The greenery and the expressive decor were in the main focus. Greater part of interior elements and furniture are custom-made according to specially developed drawings. The light is chosen individually for each area, from huge light boxes above the tables recessed into the green bushes to ‘fireflies’ caught in the nets of hammocks under the ceilings and swarming in a special cold room – the key drink of the bar.

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