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U.S.PRO focuses on architectural and engineering design for retail since 2006. The company's full-time architect is always involved in the full operation of the project, which gives our projects a distinct advantage over other business offerings. A quick response to changes helps us participate in all phases and maintain the designer's control over the implementation of the project design, architectural or engineering project.

We know well the requirements of more than a hundred shopping centers, including: Mega, Afimall, Atrium, Europolis, Aquarelle, Rio, Vesna, Continent, AVIAPARK, AURA, MoreMall, Okhotny Ryad, VEGAS and many others.

We implement more than 1300 projects a year

Architectural and engineering projecting

The company "U.S.PRO" performs any design documentation to calculate estimates, tender or coordination with the engineering services at the required site. We work according to the construction rules and regulations, we comply with the Bilding Code, All-Union State Standard, Specific Technical Specification of shopping centers.

  • The terms for the execution of the design documentation from 7 business days.

  • We use a database containing the requirements for the issue of design documentation from the majority of developers.

  • We strictly comply with the construction regulations.

  • We take into account the nuances of local suppliers and contractors.

  • Always loyal and ready to make changes if it is required for the result.

Construction Documentation

Design project example (pdf)


Architectural project example (pdf) (pdf)


Example of Power electrical equipment and electric lighting system project (pdf)


HVAC project example (pdf)


The set of design projects can be supplemented by sections:

  • water supply and sewerage,

  • communication systems ,

  • automatic fire alarm system,

  • automatic fire fighting system.

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We will promptly respond to your call or message and we are ready to visit the site in Moscow on the day of the request, and in other regions - the next day.