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U.S.PRO provides feedback on all relevant enquiries, and our experts are available to clarify any nuances. Many clarifications from new customers are repeated from project to project. In this section of the website, we answer frequently asked questions to help you decide whether to cooperate or to better understand our specifics. By clicking on the "Ask your question" button, you can get a quick consultation from a U.S. PRO specialist if you still have questions.

Which shopping centers do you work with and in which cities?

U.S.PRO has experience in projects in most regional centers in Russia, in the EU and also in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Any locality with a mall or shopping center, shop or office is among our geographical locations. We have a database of project documentation requirements from most developers, so whichever location you choose for your business – we will help ensure it opens within the most optimal timeframe.

Who requests the technical specifications in the shopping center?

As a rule, the contract with the shopping center provides for the transfer of the technical specifications for the premises from the administration to the tenant. In practice, many customers ignore this point or may not pay attention to it, which increases the time needed to prepare design and estimate documentation. Quality and prompt communication of all parties will help to avoid delays. As designers, we have a practice of working to the STSs of the largest shopping centers+ and, if required, we specify the technical specifications.

Can you consult our contractors during construction?

U.S.PRO is extremely transparent and loyal. If builders and clients ask for details, even if the agreed project has been completed, we always do our best to help.

How much does it cost per square meter to design?

In practice, we do not use templates with standard prices per square meter. Every retail and HoReCa project, every new office, is unique in a good way. We focus on the client’s task and vision, and take into account a number of other details, each of which can affect the cost of the project. Call us via +7 (495) 640-77-83 or +7 (925) 185-55-44, or email us: connect@usproject.ru and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. Call us via +7 (495) 640-77-83 or +7 (925) 185-55-44, or email us: connect@usproject.ru, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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