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It is important for all retail ad HoReCa clients to open an object fast without losses. Risks regarding terms, budget and implementation complications are mitigated by good management and control of contractors. A good solution for commercial properties is to delegate project management to professionals with experience in the specific field.

Experience of project management for Retail and HoReCa

U.S.PRO's project management department allows you to save resources and solve all issues regarding the preparation of documentation, interaction with contractors and estimates control. A big advantage of our managers is the many years of experience of the customer and, as a result, the ability to take into account nuances that are not obvious to other contractors.

Local market adaptation

Management of commercial properties owned by global brands is highly focused on solutions adaptation, documentation, design and materials. U.S. PRO qualified managers help to open a shop, restaurant or office taking account all peculiarities of the local market, supply of materials, furniture and equipment.

The U.S. PRO’s complex of solutions starts with the preparation of the project design documents, cost estimates and the first tender for the construction work, and the final stage is facility commissioning.

Project management tasks

The facility concept. Adaptation

  • Review of project solutions and design including global brands on a new market.

  • Bringing the project in conformity with the local guidelines and legislation.

  • Selection of equipment, materials, etc.

Construction documents. Document management

  • Collection of information at the object.

  • Preparation of construction documents according to construction rules and regulations, preparation of approvals.

  • Maintaining the project document flow.

Tenders. Control of contractors

  • Preparation and implementation of tenders.

  • Selection of contractors.

  • Supervision of the quality of the work performed.

Administration. Finance

  • Budgeting and scheduling of works.

  • Quality control of construction materials and equipment.

  • Implementation of project schedule and cost estimates.

  • Facility commissioning.

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