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Organic Club (shop)

Address: Moscow, 34 Spiridonovka bld. 1 Area: 63.5 sq. m Status: Completed in 2020. Concept: Organic Club

The Project Team: Christina Golynskaya, Igor Desyatnyuk, Roman Khramov, Andrey Penyaz

The organic and farm products shop at 34 Spiridonovka bld. 1 is part of the Organic Club concept in the historical centre of Moscow. The client wanted to show the atmosphere of rustic life and farming. The design of the object is entirely custom-made and includes specially developed interior elements, décor and lighting. Soft yellow light baances the vibrant texture of the floor with specially-cut terrazzo tiles. Many colourful and unique details have been used: decorative beams, sheets in the form of wheat head placed under the ceiling, animalistic images on the walls. The vegetable platter emerges from multilevel boxes descending from a slatted structure, to which farm animals ‘walk’ across the ceiling surface.

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