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Designers U.S.PRO engaged in the development of interior design projects of catering establishments. They create original design concepts that reflect all the wishes of the client. Designing the interiors of restaurants allows you to take into account all the nuances from the area of the hall to the location of the kitchen, make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible and thereby attract more visitors.

A team of professionals is working on the creation of projects. They will be able to arrange the institution in such a way as to significantly increase the influx of visitors. They will pick up a suitable style solution, help with the selection of furniture and its arrangement.

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Development of an individual interior design of the restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is your customers' first impression of your establishment. A positive image and the success of his work depends on him. If you want to get a professional and modern interior design of your restaurant, contact our specialists.

When developing a restaurant design project, a specialist zones the space, plans lighting, selects colors and furniture. The designer takes into account not only the technical characteristics, wishes and terms of reference of the customer, but also the requirements of SNIPS, GOST standards and other regulations.

Why do you need a restaurant design project:

  • The designer specifies all objects with real dimensions, this helps to maintain the correct scale and avoid mistakes when repairing and arranging furniture;

  • The estimate takes into account all costs and helps to form a budget for repairs and control it;

  • Detailed drawings and diagrams allow you to accurately calculate the required amount of construction and finishing materials and purchase them with a minimum margin;

Company U.S.PRO it will help to plan the space correctly, divide it into functional zones, choose the design style and correctly reflect the specifics of your restaurant in the interior.

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Design stages

The composition of the design project may vary depending on the tasks, as well as be supplemented in the process of work. The full study of the project includes 8 stages.

Meeting with the customer

  • The first meeting with the customer of the project is an important aspect in the work of an architect—designer, which helps to understand the task as clearly as possible.

We make measurements of the room

  • Measurements are made by an architect-designer to understand the space of the room and the nuances in further work.

We take into account ergonomics, architecture, purpose and aesthetics of the object

  • At the initial stage of work, it is necessary to determine the basis of the project — the layout. This item is being carefully worked out, as it must meet the requirements of ergonomics, architectural standards and be aesthetically verified.

Creating a sketch

  • At the stage of working with the sketch, any approach is possible that will be most optimal for the area and other characteristics of the project. This can be a selection and coordination with the customer of references or 3D submission in a "draft" version.

  • In some cases, the sketch is not used.

Developing visualization

  • Visualization allows the designer to work out the interior of the room in detail, think over the lighting and create a "scenario" for the further operation of the finished object. If the sketch is essentially an initial sketch reflecting the concept of the project, then visualization allows the customer to see the intended embodiment.

We offer planning solutions

  • The selection of interior elements is a necessary aspect of the work of an architect—designer in each project.

  • Thanks to this stage, the project will correspond to the agreed visualization. In case of replacement of a component, for example, lamps, small and large decor, furniture elements, the architect-designer will be able to offer an alternative solution without prejudice to the project.

  • This item also includes a recommendation of suppliers and contractors to work on the project together with the designer, excluding contractors for construction and installation works (CMP).

We carry out author's supervision

  • Author supervision is an important part of the work of an architect-designer. Departure to the facility, depending on the distance, is carried out several times a week — the frequency is negotiated before the conclusion of the contract. The author's supervision removes a number of difficult issues from the customer during the implementation of the project.

  • Thanks to the supervision of the author, it is possible to identify all possible inconsistencies, correct them in the process of SMR and prevent them in the future.

  • The presence of a designer may be necessary at the facility during the installation of equipment, decor or light in the presence of complex design features that affect the visual component of the finished project.

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Example of design project documentation

What does the restaurant's design project include?

  • Measuring plan of the room

  • Equipment placement plan

  • Installation plan

  • Plan of arrangement of lighting equipment

  • Room scans

  • Dimensional drawings of furniture to order

  • Interior visualizations

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